The Importance of Symmetrical Speeds—Equal Upload and Download Internet Connection

  • Date: March 8, 2022
  • Author: News
Fiber optics has revolutionized our communications and DRN makes it easy to keep you connected to the fastest Internet speeds available on our 100% fiber network.  However, there are many factors affecting broadband speeds at work and home for both upload and download speeds. Does equal upload and download speeds matter? Is it really that important?

DRN offers the fastest, most reliable broadband connectivity with symmetrical Internet is perfect to:

Stream all the movies you want!

Game live with your friends!

Monitor your home security and surveillance!

Boost your whole home wi-fi!


Upload & Download Definitions

Uploading is sending data from your device or computer, such as email, posting on social media, or sharing your video on a Zoom call. Downloading is receiving data over the Internet watching a YouTube video or Netflix show, scrolling through reels on Instagram, or opening your Thursday evening class assignment online.

Upload and download speeds are measured by the megabits of data your connection can transfer across the internet per second. Many activities we do online use both upload and download capabilities. Online gaming and home surveillance, for example, require both fast upload and download speeds as you see what’s happening in real-time.


What is Asymmetrical Internet?

Asymmetrical or as it is sometimes called asynchronous Internet simply means upload and download speeds are NOT the same. Other Internet providers may offer asynchronous service with its faster download speeds and lower upload speeds giving users more downstream bandwidth.

Asynchronous upload speeds are slower than download speeds and aren’t guaranteed. Because the connection is over a shared network, your upload speeds will be affected by other users on the network. Essentially, you’re competing for the same small amount of upload bandwidth slowing down your connection and causing a less reliable and slower Internet experience.


What is Symmetrical Internet?

Symmetrical Internet like DRN’s fiber service offers upload and download speeds that are the same
. With symmetrical broadband, if your download speed is up to 1 Gig, your upload speed will also be up to 1 Gig. Symmetrical service gives Internet users equal download and upload bandwidth.


Is Symmetrical Broadband Better?

Symmetrical speed Internet provides the most reliable and robust Internet connectivity without latency and delays. As we rely more and more on our Internet connections for success at home and work, symmetrical fiber Internet supports maximum connectivity with a dedicated connection. DRN’s fiber-optic cable carries massive amounts of data quickly with no shared connections.


Symmetrical Broadband at Home

In recent years, many consumers have adopted the use of a video doorbell to keep an eye on home deliveries while they’re away or use their smart speaker to play their favorite songs, these items also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to increase as the technology becomes mainstream. Even refrigerators, toasters, and bathroom facilities can access the home network. Add in the shift to more people working from home and exponential growth of video streaming for entertainment and access to equally fast upload and download speeds is crucial.

With the lines blurring between work and home, Internet with equal upload and download speeds allows users to send and transfer large amounts of data without interrupting their other online activities like streaming, gaming, downloading files, or video conferencing.  According to DRN General Manager/CEO Kent Schimke, “DRN’s fiber connection is a perfect fit for families with several devices streaming and a parent working from home with our unlimited data and upload and download speeds up to 1 Gig. Our equal upload and download speeds offer the best experience for everyone in the home.”


Symmetrical Broadband at Work

Business continues transitioning to digital data with an increased need for faster upload speeds. Businesses are sending, uploading, and transferring larger and larger amounts of information. A symmetrical Internet connection provides the bandwidth needed to operate a business successfully while minimizing downtime.

Whether you’re planning to add employees, devices, equipment, or a new location, synchronous broadband helps businesses with increased reliability, reduced outages, and no shared connection.


Symmetrical Internet Connection Benefits for Business:

Software and Other Applications Run Smoothly

VoIP, Web Conferencing, and Cloud-Based Applications including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and Security Systems.

Improves network latency and reduces network delays.

Decrease time in sending large packets of data across a network.




Symmetrical Broadband is the Fastest Most Reliable Connection
As our broadband infrastructure needs increase at both home and work, the team at DRN is committed to meeting the needs of our members now and in the future. Our 100% fiber network provides broadband reliability for today and adaptability to grow in the future.
For more information about DRN’s symmetrical internet service, contact a customer care specialist at 344-5000 or visit our contact us page.