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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What settings do I need to get my domain hosted e-mail?
A. To set up your email client software you will need the following information:

Username: Your email address
Password: Your email password
Incoming (POP3) Mail Server*: mail.yourdomain.tld
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server*: mail.yourdomain.tld
Outgoing (SMTP) Authentication: must be the same as the POP3 authentication

* Substitute your actual domain name for “yourdomain.tld” in the settings above.

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Q. How do I upload files to my website?
A. To upload files to your website, file transfer protocol (FTP) is used. This is a standard Internet protocol for transferring files to and from servers.

To use FTP you will need client software. There are several free and inexpensive options available on the Internet. Some can be found at Once you have a client you can connect to your hosting account using your FTP username and password provided when you signed-up for hosting service. You will need the following information to create the connection:

Username: FTP username
Password: FTP Password
FTP Server*: yourdomain.tld
* Substitute your actual domain name for “yourdomain.tld” in the settings above.

Once the connection is made, there will be several remote folders available to you. The web folder will contain your website and all files and folders that need to be viewed on your website.

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Q. How do I transfer my domain name to DRN?
A. In order to transfer my domain to DRN you will need to know who your current registrar is. This can be gotten by looking at past bills or statements from your current domain hosting provider.

There are several things that you must get from and must be configured by your current domain hosting provider to allow you to transfer your domain:

  1. Your domain name must be current and in good standing with your current registrar.
  2. Your current registrar will need to have your domian “un-locked” so that the transfer request can be processed.
  3. You will need to get an authorization key from your current provider so that DRN can process the transfer.

DRN will bill you for your domain starting from the end of your current registration, for the period requested, upon transfer completion.

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