Payment Options

Save time and money each month with three convenient ways to pay your bill – E-bill, Auto Pay or Pay By Check.

Of course, you can still pay your DRN bill by mailing a check. Payments are due the 25th of each month.

For more information, contact DRN or see our Payment Options brochure.


With E-bill, the process of paying your DRN bill each month is made faster and simpler. No more checks to write. No more searching for stamps. You can pay your DRN bill online whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Receive, Review and Pay Online with E-Bill from DRN:

  • Pay anytime and anywhere with Internet access
  • Contains the same information as your paper bill
  • Smart, safe and easy to use

Click here to find out how to sign up.

Auto Pay

Auto Pay automatically deducts your monthly payment from your checking or savings account. Again, there are no more checks to write, postage to pay or late or missed payments.

Pay By Check

Pay by Check allows you to make payments anytime without having to mail a physical check to DRN. Customers will need to provide DRN Customer Care Specialists with the following information when calling in to make payment by check–routing and transmit number; checking account number and check number, which all can be found at the bottom of a check blank.

Understand Your Bill

Understanding Your Bill