Community Channel

DRN's Community Channel airs local events, announcements, advertisements, and personal greetings 24 hours/day, 7 days a week on channel 100. The Community Channel is available for viewing in the communities of Ashley, Cogswell, Crete, Dickey, Edgeley, Ellendale, Forman, Fort Ransom, Forbes, Fullerton, Guelph, Gwinner, Havana, Jud, Kathryn, Kulm, LaMoure, Lisbon, Litchville, Marion, Milnor, Oakes, Rutland and Verona.

To submit a FREE community ad, e-mail and include all the information for your free community announcement. 
Customer's wishing to submit a paid ad, please email or call 701-344-5000.


  • Submissions must have a contact name and number with the request.
  • Requests must be 350 characters or less (including the headline).
  • All ads/announcements must be received in the DRN office by Wednesday at 5 pm to air the following week.
  • Community Calendar Announcements are accepted from non-profit agencies/organizations to run for up to two week at a time. The following is an example of a community announcement "The Lion's Club is holding a Spaghetti Feed at 5 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 5 at the Legion." 
  • Dickey Rural Services, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any ad or announcements.
  • All personal greetings and personal ads must be prepaid.


Type of Message:

Business Ad-per week * $40.00

Business Ad-per month* $75.00 with submitted ad (Minimum of 3 months. Maximum of 12 months.)

Business Ad-per month $100.00, two ads created by DRN staff** (Minimum of 3 months. Maximum of 12 months.)

Personal Greeting or Ad-per day $6.00 Personal Greeting or Ad-per week $40.00

Community Calendar FREE - no dollar amounts for tickets, etc. will be aired.

* Customers may create their own ads for airing. However, the completed ad MUST be submitted in JPEG format, landscape layout. Also, any pictures submitted for ads MUST also be submitted in JPEG. If you have any questions please call 701-344-5000 or 877-559-4692.


**Any additional ads created for the business will be charged $80.00 per hour. Any non-profit agency, church or community organization that would like to place an announcement for a fund-raiser or not-for-profit community event may do so for free. Free submissions will run for one week. No dollar amounts for tickets or other items may be included in the ad. Any dollar amounts included with the submission will be removed and not aired.