Christmas Wi-Fi Printable

  • Date: December 22, 2021
  • Author: Marketing

Enjoy these free holiday WiFi signs to greet your guests!


As you welcome friends and family this holiday season, the DRN ReadiTech Wi-Fi App is a great way to share your amazing WiFi without sharing your password. To make it even easier, enjoy these free signs that you can print and display so your guests can connect to your Wi-Fi safely and with ease!

 Either print straight from here or download the .pdf to fill in your network name and password.

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 To set up a guest network, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your DRN ReadiTech Wi-Fi App
  2. Click the “+” sign on the home screen
  3. Select Networks
  4. Select the network type as Guest
  5. Give your network a name like “SmithGuest”
  6. Enter the Guest Network password.
  7. Select the duration as endless or create a custom time it’s available.
  8. You can then add this information to the sign, or share the network directly to your guests via a QR code they can scan or send via text.





Wishing you a magical holiday season. To learn more about the features of our app, visit our Wi-Fi page.


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