DRN customers can call toll free to anywhere within DRN’s service territory. Local service pricing in all areas on the map is $22.50* for both residential and business customers.

Here is a list of exchanges in the toll-free calling area:

  • Ashley: 288, 289
  • Crete: 753
  • Dickey: 778
  • Edgeley: 493
  • Ellendale: 344, 346, 349
  • Forbes: 357, 358
  • Forman: 724, 735
  • Fort Ransom: 973
  • Fredonia: 698
  • Fullerton: 375
  • Guelph: 383, 783
  • Gwinner: 678
  • Jud: 685
  • Kathryn: 796
  • Kulm: 647
  • LaMoure: 883
  • Lisbon: 683
  • Litchville: 762
  • Marion: 669
  • Merricourt: 396
  • Milnor: 427
  • Nelvik: 374, 379
  • Oakes: 742
  • Venturia: 684, 687
  • Verona: 432
  • Cellular: 210, 308, 535
    680, 709, 710, 731, 830

Click here for a map of the DRN territory

* Taxes, Federal Subscriber Line Charges, Federal Universal Service Charges, E911 Charges, Telecommunications Relay Service, other federal or state charges are not included.

Long Distance

With North Dakota Long Distance through DRN, your local and long distance service is on one bill! NDLD has a plan available to fit your needs.

Calling PlanState-To-StateIn-StateMonthly Charge
Nationwide Plus 10¢ 10¢ $4.95 / line
Business 8¢ * 14¢ * No charge
Bundled PlansState-To-StateIn-StateMonthly Charge
150 Min. Plan 12.5¢ 12.5¢ $18.75 / line
300 Min. Plan 10¢ 10¢ $30.00 / line
600 Min. Plan 8.3¢ 8.3¢ $50.00 / line
1200 Min. Plan 8.25¢ 8.25¢ $99.00 / line

See for more information.

Calling Feature Guide

Click here for an Interactive Calling Feature Guide.

411 Service

Dial 411 and get ANY number ANYWHERE in America and get connected. We’ve got your number for directory assistance!

Now you can use 411 for all your directory assistance needs. 411 is the quick and easy way to get:

  • Local listings
  • National listings
  • Canadian listings
  • 800 numbers

Dialing 411 offers considerable savings from using 555-1212. 411 is now the only number you need to know when you need to know a number. Start using 411 today.

Only 80 cents per call.

  • NO sign-up fee
  • NO registration fee
  • NO monthly fee
  • NO commitment
  • Optional Call Connect *

Start using 411 today.

No hassles. No hang-ups. No fussing with area codes. Just dial 411 for any number, anywhere in the United States or Canada.

*Toll charges may apply to calls connected outside your service area. Local call completion may not be available in all areas.

Questions? Please call DRN toll free at 1-877-559-4692

Annual Customer Do-Not-Call-Notification

To address consumer concerns about unwelcome telemarketing calls, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have established a national Do-Not-Call Registry. The registry applies to all telemarketers (with the exception of certain non-profit and political organizations) and covers both interstate and intrastate telemarketing calls. Commercial telemarketers are not allowed to call you if your number is listed on the registry.

You can register your phone number for free, and it will remain on the national Do-Not-Call Registry. You may remove your name from the list at any time. The Do-Not-Call Registry will not prevent all unwanted calls. It does not cover the following:

  • Calls from organizations with which you have established a business relationship;
  • Calls for which you have given prior written consent;
  • Calls which are not commercial or do not include unsolicited advertisements;
  • Calls by or on behalf of tax-exempt non-profit organizations.

Consumers may register their residential telephone number, including wireless numbers, on the national Do-Not-Call Registry at no cost, by telephone or on the Internet. To register by telephone, consumers may call 1-888-382-1222. For TTY call 1-866-290-4236. You must call from the phone number you wish to register. You may also register by Internet at Inclusion of your telephone number on the national Do-Not-Call Registry will be effective the next day. Telemarketers have up to 31 days to get your phone number and remove it from their call lists.

Lata Information

If you live in the light shaded area, you are in the BISMARCK LATA. Any long distance call that you make to another person in this same shaded area is considered an IntraLATA call. If you call someone in the dark shaded area or anywhere else outside the light shaded area, it is an InterLATA call.

If you live in the dark shaded area, you are in the FARGO/BRAINERD LATA. Any long distance call that you make to another person in this same shaded area is considered and IntraLATA call. If you call someone in the light shaded area or anywhere else outside the dark shaded area, it is an InterLATA call.


IntraLATA call Example:
Williston to Fessenden

InterLATA call Example:
Rugby to Grand Forks

A similar LATA map can also be found in your telephone directory.