DRN takes pride in keeping our business customers at the cutting edge of today’s growing technology. We are committed to providing telecommunication solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Add value to your business lifestyle, maximize your efficiency and increase productivity; let DRN show you how!

Hunting (Rollover) Service

Never miss a call! If your business has multiple incoming lines, use the Hunt Group feature available from DRN to automatically ring your incoming numbers sequentially (or in a circular manner) until an open line is found. Don’t let your important customers hear a busy signal

Special High-Speed Circuits

If you have needs for special high-speed circuits, point-to-point private lines, or data links, call Dickey Rural Networks for specific pricing. DRN can provide DS1 and DS3 links within our serving area. We connect to the rest of the world through North Dakota’s state of the art Dakota Carrier Network (DCN)redundant fiber optic SONET network. For VPN needs, DRN now has Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) pricing available.

800 Number Service

Provide a toll-free number for your customers to contact you for only $5.00 per month.

Stand Alone Telephone Service

DRN offers stand-alone phone service, with toll-free in-area calling, for $19.95* a line per month. Sign Up

* Taxes, Federal Subscriber Line Charges, Federal Universal Service Charges, E911 Charges, Telecommunications Relay Service, other federal or state charges are not included.