Why not try TV advertising?

Easily reach thousands of potential customers in DRN service territory with cable TV advertising. Get results with strategically placed television commercials during customers’ favorite shows. DRN now offers cable TV advertising on CNN, Fox News, TNT, Discovery Channel, HGTV, USA, ESPN, Lifetime, ESPN2 and TBS.

Not sure when or where to advertise? DRN can help you find the best times and channels to reach your target audience that fits within your budget. DRN also offers creative services to produce the commercials.

Studies on learning reveal that repetition with both sound and visual input is the best way to ensure that your business will be remembered. Are you ready to make a positive impact on your business? Add your message to the largest screen of the house with cable TV advertising from DRN. Call Haylee O'Brien at DRN today to learn more about which plan can help grow your business!

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Also learn more about DRN's Community Channel 100. 
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