Why do I need home security?

  • Date: October 2, 2017
  • Author: Travis Anliker- Senior Sales Account Executive

This is a question I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves a few times.  I know I get asked this maybe more than any other question from customers. 

Hello, I’m Travis Anliker and I’m a Senior Sales Account Executive at DRN.  I’ve been employed here for the past 16 years starting as a tech based out of the Ashley Exchange.   I grew up in the metropolis of Forbes, ND way back in the 1980’s and I’m pretty sure that our house never even had a key that would lock the front door.  You might have been able to find an old skeleton for the inside doors, but that was about it.  When it came to locking vehicles, we locked the doors only if you went to the big town of Aberdeen and that was only when you didn’t want someone to steal your cassette player. 

Unfortunately times are changing.  According to the FBI a burglary takes place about every 18 seconds in the United States.  That adds up to over 4500 every single day!

I’d like to cover a few surprising facts and also a couple tips to help you avoid being targeted. 

  • Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems.

o   According to a report from the University of North Carolina, about 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced their decision to target another home. 

  • Most Burglaries take place between 10am and 3pm. 

o   This is especially true in our neck of the woods.  We are a creature of habit around here and very easy to pattern.  To go along with that most of our break-ins are committed by those living nearby.  Change your habits and your daily route.

  • 34% of burglars enter through the front door. 

o   This goes back to our trusting mentality from growing up in small town USA.  Once inside the house they usually go to the master bedroom.  This seems to be where we all store most of our valuables, and criminals know it.

  • The average property loss from a break-in is $2250. 

o   Unfortunately catching those who have decided to steal from their neighbors has not been an easy task.  Only 13.6% of burglaries in 2014 resulted in arrests. 

o   The average cost of a DRN security system is under $1000. 


So there’s just a few items to ponder when considering if you truly do need a security system.  DRN is able to provide both video surveillance and home monitoring to help keep your possessions safe and to help give you that piece of mind.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help. 

Have a great day!!

Travis Anliker