What I do for a living

  • Date: September 14, 2017
  • Author: Andy Meyer- Network Analyst

Hello! My name is Andrew Meyer.  I’ve been part of the DRN ReadiTech team for the last six years.  In my time at DRN I’ve had the opportunity to help start our ReadiTech Managed Service offerings to provide our customers.  People often ask me what I do for a living.  I tell them I’m a Network Analyst at DRN/ReadiTech  and we offer managed services.   At this point they either nod and smile with a confused look on their face, or some will say “well what’s that?”

The term managed services isn’t very easy to describe because it can stand for so many different things.  Think of network management, server management, managed backups, managed firewalls, and managed wi-fi all rolled into one.  I tell people our ReadiTech team helps other business manage their technology, their network and computers.  “So who and why would somebody pay you guys to manage their networks, why wouldn’t they just hire their own?”  Is the question that often comes next.  This is another fun question to answer because we have such a diverse group of businesses that use our services.  From small one man operations to large multi-state corporations.  For some small businesses I work with they tell me it doesn’t make sense for them to hire a full time employee because they don’t have enough work to keep them busy all week, but what they do have they still need help with.  Some of the reasons I hear from our larger customers that don’t have a full-time employee are, they don’t want to have to worry about their employee leaving after a year or two, or keeping the network running when their employee is on vacation, or finding a good trustworthy employee to run their network isn’t easy to find.  Our ReadiTech team fulfills all those needs.  There are many of us on our team which allows us to help and cover for each other when we are out of the office.  We even service customers that have their own technology staff.  We will help them with projects that they don’t have time to complete and consult with them about upcoming projects.  I think of our job as focusing on our customers’ technology so they can focus on what they do best.  

Our team has the ability to work on-site or remotely.  With our Readi-Remote Service we are able to proactively monitor and remotely manage our customers network 24/7.  There are many times that we will know of and fix a problem before a business even knew there was something wrong, and if a server or critical workstation went offline our whole team is notified and ready to take action.

Our ReadiTech team has a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in different areas.  We have employees with certifications in Routing and Switching, Virtualization, and Microsoft servers, with many years of combined experience in network management.

What I do for a living is help customers with all of the above.  What I enjoy most about our work is we get to interact and be part of the success of many different businesses.  There are very few networks that are the same so we get to work with different and new technologies every day.  At times we have to learn and implement networks and applications which are a new experience for us.  The challenge is exciting and as always accepted! It’s fun to work with a great group of employees to learn from, bounce ideas off of, and to come up with new solutions to help make our customers successful.