The Importance of Anti-Virus

  • Date: December 11, 2017
  • Author: Andy Meyer- Network Analyst

We see and hear about it on the news all the time.  Somebodies system got hacked and private information was potentially stole, or people’s computers getting hacked and all their files and data getting encrypted.  Unfortunately, things like this are happening more than people know and hear about. I find it surprising that there are still so many systems out there that aren’t protected by an antivirus program. 

People always question why somebody would create these viruses and malicious software.  Lately I would say they are doing it for profit.  Either by encrypting data on your computer and telling you to pay for an encryption code to decrypt your files, or by Stealing passwords and other private information that would allow them to use your credit cards or purchase products through you online accounts.  Sometimes they even do it for their own personal amusement.  These viruses now days are very sophisticated.  One wrong click, something that only takes a second can completely compromise your machine.

Anti-Virus programs are relatively cheap. For around $50 a year you can protect your data.  To me this is a no brainer for all time, and potentially life changing problems a virus could cause you. Imagine how much it would cost if your identity was stolen.  Don’t sit back and think this will never happen to me, or I don’t have anything a hacker would want.  Remember Hackers don’t discriminate!  Protect your connected devices.  If you need help or have questions about how to do this Call DRN/Readitech today.  We are here to help.