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Q. Why do some of the channels not show up on my TV?
A. The most common reasons you are not seeing certain channels on your TV is that it has not been set-up with those channels, or it is set to receive channels from an antenna or off-air source. This can usually be fixed by entering the menu on and adjusting the settings, or by flipping a switch on some older TVs. Most televisions have auto-program feature that will find all of your available channels and add them to your TVs channel line-up.

In order to receive DRN’s digital televison channels, your television set must equipped with a QAM 256 tuner. An HD tuner and HD capable TV are required to view the HD programming in HD format.

If you still believe you are not receiving all of the channels you have in your cable TV package line-up, (click here to see our channel line-ups), please contact DRN customer care.

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Q. Why is the picture on my TV fuzzy or snowy?
A. There can be several explanations as to why your TV picture would be snowy or fuzzy. Many of these reasons are covered immediately below in the next question, under “Why am I not getting a picture on my TV?” Other reasons for a snowy or fuzzy picture are:

  • The source of the transmission is having interference.
  • Faulty cabling or equipment (TVs, VCRs, etc…).

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Q. Why am I not getting a picture on my TV?
A. Lack of a picture can be caused by several reasons. Knowing how your television is connected and the cabling at your premise ware important to determining what the problems may be. The following is a list of common reasons for a lack of picture problem:

  • If you have multiple TVs and have no picture on some, or one, of them, or a single TV with no picture, please check the problem TV(s) connections. If there are other video appliances (VCR, DVR, etc…) between the cable feed and the TV(s), you may want to remove these appliances to ensure the problem is not with them.
  • If you have multiple TVs and have no picture on some, or one, of them, there may be a problem with the TV or it may not be set-up correctly. Please check with your TV vendor or retailer for troubleshooting details.
  • If you have multiple TVs and have no picture on any of them, or a single TV with no picture, there could be a problem with the main cable TV feed to your premise. Please check any internal cables that may have been changed coming from the DRN cable entry. If there are no problems there, please contact DRN for service.
  • If you are a fiber customer your battery back up box may not be receiving AC power. Please check the ivory colored box that was installed inside your residence opposite the large gray box outside. This box needs to have two green lights glowing. If the AC light is amber/yellow in color then it is not receiving AC power. If you could verify that there is AC power going to the outlet by plugging in a small appliance (night light, blow dryer, curling iron) then if that works call DRN for service. If there is no AC power going to the outlet please check or breakers or fuses.

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Q. How can I receive information and assistance with my Television Service?
A. If you have any questions or problems with your Television service, local service is available by calling (701)344-5005 or toll-free 1(877)559-4692. Help is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.You may also submit a question or a problem using this form.

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