Is Your Network Protected?

  • Date: August 7, 2017
  • Author: Mary Lou Sundby-Business Account Specialist

Hello, my name is Mary Lou Sundby.  Fifteen years ago, I was hired as the Business Account/Marketing Specialist.  With a new position to the company and a new vision, my first fourteen years involved onsite visits to each and every business customer in our service territory offering advanced technologies with local customer service.  That would include traveling to the 19 exchanges in seven North Dakota counties and two South Dakota counties.  (I wish I would have logged the miles!)

This past year, I joined the DRN ReadiTech team.   It’s been quite an adventure and a continued eye opening experience as I see technology ever changing!  In a world of managed firewalls, data backup, VPN connections, Network configuration and security, switches, servers and sonic walls, one could forget the simple question of if their network is secured.   We hear of scams and recent security breaches more often then we care to.  Experts are warning that any business including those that may be smaller are fast becoming the favored target of the cyber-criminals.   Even the open network to your customer and the outside world is your responsibility. 

With all that in mind, why not conduct a security audit. A few common tips include change the default password on your router, use only WPA2 encryption, use a complex passphrase, avoid common SSID names, disable WPS and set up a guest network so you can routinely change the passphrase without affecting your own devices and be able to block specific websites from their network. 

If the buzz words of technology are driving you nuts.  You’re concerned about outdated hardware, software, old cabling, high maintenance costs or just a limited staff.  Most importantly, you’re not sure if your business is at risk because of network vulnerabilities with all the latest scams?  Why not take advantage of the free network analysis provided by our ReadiTech team of experts.  Give me a call at 344-6024 to schedule your visit today.  Why not make DRN’s Readitech team of professionals, your IT solutions provider!