Cloud Hosting

  • Date: July 23, 2018
  • Author: Danielle Whitaker Jr. - Network Assistant

To understand hosting, you first must understand the cloud. Simply put it is a mega server hardware that can run many machines using combined hardware resources. These mega servers can be hosted by anyone, so the cloud is made up of a lot of companies across the globe that offer these services. Now you don’t have to outright buy equipment that depreciates, and you won’t have to manage it. You can essentially rent it from a hosting company and they take care of the back end of things.  There are several types of machines hosted in the cloud from web hosting and services to backup your regular Windows 10 machine and many more. Here at DRN ReadiTech we are a hosting services provider. We host websites, email hosting and customer servers here in-house.

So, what’s the process? You must have a hosting need. Whether you want an e-mail hosting provider or a new website. Then you must find a hosting provider that you trust. There are different compliances hosting providers must abide by to ensure the safety of their customers data and machines. After you find some cloud providers and know your needs, you compare. Cost is very important - some people charge based on the amount of resources you use, some charge based on the number of machines, or some charge based on the bandwidth you take up. It’ll be wise to figure out what price structure benefits you most. Next, physical and geographical location. Where would your data and the machines be stored is something to take into consideration. For example, you don’t want your machine anywhere that isn’t safe regarding natural disasters and if they are exposed there should be a backup site. Some companies have their datacenters locked underground secured by biometric security, as you can imagine that type of insurance comes with a cost that’s most likely included in the price of the services.

Who uses cloud hosting?  Anyone can use these services. They are for everyone and in some cases, you use it but don’t necessarily know it. For example, if you have a Google email account email hosting and emails are being stored in one of Google’s many datacenters around the world. Now you know what cloud hosting is and what to take into consideration as for as picking a cloud hosting provider. If you or anyone you know may be interested in any cloud services our ReadiTech team will be glad to help fine the best solution for your needs.