Digital TV Updates!

Hello!  This is Tim Steinwand, Digital TV Conversion Lead here at DRN.  This time for my blog post, I’d like to answer a few questions regarding the project that people are asking.  Hopefully this will answer some that you may be having.

First, this reminder that as of March 1, 2018, ALL TV’s will need to have a DTA box or M-Card device to get the DRN TV signal.  There is some information goi…


What is the Internet of Things?

You’ve probably heard the term before as the advances in technology continue to grow. The Internet of Things often time seen as IoT is literally what it sounds like, things with internet. Pretty much anything with power and internet or WIFI capabilities. The Internet of Things include everything from cars, to lights, air conditioners/heaters, headphones, washing machine, refrigerators etc. the l…


Video is Your Friend

Hello again!  Last time I joined you I chatted about posting on Facebook in general.   Today I would like to elaborate on that slightly and talk about the use of video.  Seventy-eight percent of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online daily.  Let’s pause for just a moment, have you watched any videos yet today?  Probabl…


Is your WiFi KRACK’d?

Recently some major announcements were made about a security vulnerability called KRACK in WiFi password security.  While I could bore you with the details of how the hackers could exploit this, the important thing to know is that its legit and you should definitely take action.  This affects residential systems as well as business systems and the main reason this is a problem for most users is b…


What is Project Management?

We live in a world where there are projects that need to be completed everywhere.  At work, at home, at school, within our organizations and clubs, really everywhere we look we are talking about a project  that needs to be completed.  So have you ever been frustrated on how long a project is taking?  Or been displeased with how much additional a project ends up costing?  Or unhappy with the final…


National TV Advertising!

Ever wondered how DRN has a: 30 second commercial airing while you’re watching your favorite sports team,  home makeover or reruns of some of your favorite shows on TBS, TNT or USA?

It’s true…DRN can now share the value of your business with a: 30 second commercial on ten different National Networks in our service territory.  Choose from ESPN, HGTV, USA, TNT, TBS, DISCOVERY, ESPN2, LIFETIME, CN…


October is Coop Month

Hello, my name is Troy Radermacher and I’m the Accounting Manager at DRN.  I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the cooperative environment at DRN for 15 years.

Since October is Coop month, I’m going to discuss the history and benefits of being a part of a cooperative.  Cooperatives are businesses owned and run by and for their members.  Those members control how it operates and share in the p…


Why do I need home security?

This is a question I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves a few times.  I know I get asked this maybe more than any other question from customers. 

Hello, I’m Travis Anliker and I’m a Senior Sales Account Executive at DRN.  I’ve been employed here for the past 16 years starting as a tech based out of the Ashley Exchange.   I grew up in the metropolis of Forbes, ND way back in the 1980’s and I’m prett…


The Proof is in the People

Greetings!  My name is Sonja Bommersbach, DRN’s Human Resources Manager. I am grateful and proud to be celebrating my 17th year with this amazing technology solutions provider! 

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk human resources – the people who make up DRN’s workforce.  DRN consists of a nine-member board of directors and employs 50 full-time, talented individuals from the surrounding co…


Fiber Optics- Connecting You now and Beyond

Generally, the definition of fiber optics is: the use of thin flexible fibers of glass that transmit light signals for telecommunications use. My definition is: the source in which rural North Dakotans are connected to the world.

Hello, my name is Kent Schimke I am DRNs Operations Manager. I have been employed at DRN for 17 years, I started my employment at DRN as an Outside Plant Technician wh…


What I do for a living

Hello! My name is Andrew Meyer.  I’ve been part of the DRN ReadiTech team for the last six years.  In my time at DRN I’ve had the opportunity to help start our ReadiTech Managed Service offerings to provide our customers.  People often ask me what I do for a living.  I tell them I’m a Network Analyst at DRN/ReadiTech  and we offer managed services.   At this point they either nod and smile with a…


Back to School

Here we are the first week in September.  The kids have been back in school for a week or two and family has settled into routine—homework, meetings, sporting events, packing lunches, etc.   Trying to juggle all events of life can be challenging.  However, we have many technological devices that can help us with scheduling, food preparation, homework and more.

Hi!  My name is Janell Hauck, DRN’…


What can I afford to lose?

Hi, my name is Scott Young, I have been with DRN and the ReadiTech team for 17 years.  In my time here, I have had a great opportunity to work in numerous departments.  From being a Plant technician to now an IT Analyst.  Along the way, I have seen the ups and downs of businesses and residential customers alike.  Data loss is something that can affect anyone but no one wants to endure. 

Data is…


Let's Go Digital!

Hello!  I’m Tim Steinwand, the Customer Experience Specialist here at DRN.  I have been assigned the lead on DRN’s Digital TV Conversion project, and I can truly say this a very exciting time for me and for DRN.  We are eager to have all our customers enjoy the quality and convenience of all Digital TV from DRN. 

I’d just like to give you a bit of information on why this conversion is occurring…


What can a drone do for me?

Hello, my name is Danielle Whitaker, I’ve been with the ReadiTech team for about 6 months now. Recently I was given the opportunity to get our team a drone. I know what you’re thinking what would a technology company do with a drone. Well in the past few years drones have made great strides in their production.

Here at DRN we are still trying to figure a concrete use for our drone but as of now…