Digital Conversion Wrap Up

Hello!  This is Tim Steinwand, Digital TV Conversion lead here at DRN.  As of March 1, 2018, DRN started its conversion to all Digital TV.  The process began with us removing about half of our digital channels on March 1st.  After that our technicians needed to do some balancing of our TV system after the removal of those channels.  Next, on March 7th, a large number (about 2/3) of the in the…


Backup: Locally or The Cloud

Are you backing up your data? If not, you should start immediately. There are different forms of backup consisting of both local and cloud backup. Local backup is when you copy your data to a flash drive or an external hard drive, an onsite server or even a network attached storage device. This method of backup is usually more expensive up front but in the long run it pays for itself - call it in…


Blogging about blogging

There is a bit of irony when writing a blog post about why your business should be blogging.  The DRN blog has been active for nine months now and I hope that you have found some valuable information within our thirty-four blog posts. 

As a business owner you may be asking yourself if you should have a blog or why you need a blog. Let’s take a moment to address some of the benefits of blogging.…


Not your average wi-fi

Picking a wi-fi option for your house to stream Netflix and look at Facebook is a tough decision, but what if you must connect 80 devices to it and need those devices to roam from classroom to classroom or office to office?  Picking a wi-fi option is sort of like trying to choose between a Lexus and a BMW.  Tons of options and features that all sound great, but how do you know what will be the be…


Tech App: GroupMe!

One of the predicted popular apps for 2018 is GroupMe!  If you ever get tired of scrolling down your text messaging history to find that group message thread that you know you had….then maybe you want to try GroupMe! 

GroupMe is a mobile group messaging app owned by Microsoft.  It allows easy group communication.  Think of all the groups you are involved in…your family group, friend groups, wor…


What can ReadiTech do for you?

Today’s technology is ever-changing and keeping up with what’s new, how it can help or where it can it take your business may seem overwhelming.  Why not concentrate on what you love the most and let DRN’s ReadiTech team provide the benefit of experience and leadership to prepare your business for the future.

Hi, this is Mary Lou Sundby, Business Account Representative for DRN and DRN ReadiTech…


Earn Capital Credits with Internet Service

Hello, my name is Troy Radermacher and I’m the Accounting Manager at DRN. 

Staring on January 1, 2018 the DRN Board of Directors made some exciting changes for our cooperative members.  January 1 is the first day that Internet service was added as a patronage allocable service.  In the past, your local land line and any other services with the phone such as caller id, call waiting and NDLD long…


Faster than the US Average


Hello, my name is Michelle Schroeder and I am the marketing specialist for DRN and DRN ReadiTech. I want to just take a few minutes of your time to remind you how lucky we are to live in a 100% fiber connected territory.

In 2012, DRN completed the fiber to the home project. A project that started in 2004 and invested more than $90 million in fiber infrastructure in southeast North Dakota. D…


COOPERATIVE: What’s in a name?

Every so often I need to pinch myself when I reflect on the fact that I work for the oldest telephone cooperative in ND.  Established in 1950, DRN maintains a fiber optic network to provide essential and advanced telecommunication services to the residents of south central North Dakota.  Or as I like to say:  The Deep South, of ND.

Big deal you say?  It is a real big deal when you consider the …


Protecting Yourself from Scams

It’s well-known now that there are many types of scams going around, from unsolicited phone calls to computer pop-ups. However, I recently ran into one that I hadn’t heard of yet…

DRN offers an antivirus package of Web Guardian, a product of Webroot. One of our customers received a call from someone claiming to be with Webroot. They told her that her computer was infected and had IP affiliation…


Cyber Security: What is it and how can I protect myself

Hello, My name is David Malsam and I am the Senior Sales Account Executive/IT Analyst for our Aberdeen location.

Cyber Security is defined as techniques, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. We have heard of data breaches from companies like Target, Equifax and Ebay. The thing to remember is that the bad…



Good morning from a frigid North Dakota.  Hoping you all had a very wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year’s.  Today I’m going to talk about procrastination and how it’s not always a very good decision. 

I’ve been selling Security, Surveillance, and Home Automation systems for almost 8 years now.  I’ve seen all the positive results that come from letting technology help us in our everyday li…


DRN University

Have you ever wondered how DRN employees gain the knowledge necessary to perform the work they do each day to better serve you, our valuable customers?  At DRN, we are proud to promote a learning environment.  Our Board of Directors understands the importance of training and invests in the education of DRN’s workforce.   

In cooperation with the Board, DRN’s Leadership Team is committed to empl…


Calix 844E Wi-Fi Router

An average of seven active Wi-Fi connected devices per household is the reason there is a need to offer a Wi-Fi router that meets current Wi-Fi standards. Hardwired devices such as PC’S and desktop computers make up less than twenty five percent of total network traffic.

While the internet speeds DRN offers are “Up To” those connections are generally consistent to the network interface device…


The Importance of Anti-Virus

We see and hear about it on the news all the time.  Somebodies system got hacked and private information was potentially stole, or people’s computers getting hacked and all their files and data getting encrypted.  Unfortunately, things like this are happening more than people know and hear about. I find it surprising that there are still so many systems out there that aren’t protected by an antiv…