Let's Go Digital!

Hello!  I’m Tim Steinwand, the Customer Experience Specialist here at DRN.  I have been assigned the lead on DRN’s Digital TV Conversion project, and I can truly say this a very exciting time for me and for DRN.  We are eager to have all our customers enjoy the quality and convenience of all Digital TV from DRN. 

I’d just like to give you a bit of information on why this conversion is occurring…


What can a drone do for me?

Hello, my name is Danielle Whitaker, I’ve been with the ReadiTech team for about 6 months now. Recently I was given the opportunity to get our team a drone. I know what you’re thinking what would a technology company do with a drone. Well in the past few years drones have made great strides in their production.

Here at DRN we are still trying to figure a concrete use for our drone but as of now…


Is Your Network Protected?

Hello, my name is Mary Lou Sundby.  Fifteen years ago, I was hired as the Business Account/Marketing Specialist.  With a new position to the company and a new vision, my first fourteen years involved onsite visits to each and every business customer in our service territory offering advanced technologies with local customer service.  That would include traveling to the 19 exchanges in seven North…


Virtual Reality.....you can't describe it, you have to experience it.

Tech Chat with Josh,

Hello again.  My name is Josh Peldo and I am an IT Analyst at DRN Readitech. I have been here for 11 years and from the day I started technology has been fun for me.  I have blogged about it in the past so feel free to check it out, .  This time the topic is How Businesses Will use Virtual Reality in the next 5 years.  

If you have not seen a virtual reality headset…


Greetings From Kari

Greetings!  My name is Kari Nishek.  I have been blessed to work for DRN, an innovative technology leader, for the past 19 years.  Over the past 19 years, I have had the opportunity to work and manage several different areas of the business.   From working as an Accountant to managing the Business Office to managing our IT team to starting ReadiTech to Project Management…it’s been an exciting jou…


Let's Talk Facebook

Hello!  My name is Pamela Henningsen.  I am the multi-media specialist at DRN with the marketing team.  As part of the marketing team we are the creative side of our sales campaigns and organize most functions that DRN hosts.  In addition to that I create commercials (spots) for DRN to be played on our TV lineup and produce spots for customers’ that advertise on our TV too.  I also manage all of …


A message from the CEO/GM

Hello.  My name is Bob Johnson.  I graduated from Devils Lake High School and North Dakota State University.  I am fortunate to be the CEO/GM for DRN.  I report to the Board of Directors and work for the members of Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative.  In January of 2018 I will have completed 40 years in the telecommunications industry.  My journey has taken me to 9 different locations in Minnesot…