10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

What do you do when your business is holding an event and the traditional posters, newspaper and radio ads are not reaching the audience that you want it to?  Easy! Time to turn to social media. Seventy-six percent of Facebook users check it every day! Here are 10 easy ways to use social media to promote your event. 

  1. Create a catchy hashtag -  keep it pertinent, short and unique.  Encou…

DRN ReadiTech takes backup to the cloud

Have you ever wondered where your backup data is stored when you purchase DRN Readitech’s backup service?  Until recently, DRN has stored our customer’s data on site locally.  However, this summer DRN ReadiTech’s team made a change.  That change was to move our customer’s data to the cloud.  There are several reasons for moving to the cloud.  These reasons include internal resource efficiency, en…


What is a Copyright Infringement letter?

You grab your mail and are shuffling through it.  Suddenly, you see an extra letter from DRN and when you open it, it states “Notice of Infringement.”  What is this you say?

A copyright infringement letter is a letter notifying you that your internet has been used illegally.  A copyrighted work has been reproduced, distributed or publicly displayed without the permission of the copyright owner.…


Capital Credit News

With our annual audit complete, we can put 2017 behind us and allocate the profits of the company back to the members who are so important to us.   To be a member of the cooperative you must purchase local telephone service.  Your local line and any other services with the phone like caller id, call waiting and NDLD long distance services all qualify as patronage allocable services.  In 2018, int…


Why you need a password manager

Have you ever stopped to think about how many online accounts you have?  15, 20, 100?  It seems that websites whether they are for online shopping, news, real estate, banking, or social media need an account for you to participate. 

I started counting the number of accounts that my wife and I share. We are approaching 25 accounts just in our shared digital notebook.  Of course, with each new ac…


Simplify paying your bill

Check that off the to-do list

  • Feed the dog
  • Take out the trash
  • Take kids to baseball practice
  • DONE!


Why spend an unnecessary amount of time on things such as paying bills when DRN has made it so simple? By using DRN’s Smart Hub you can make payments with the touch of a button from your mobile device or PC.

Hi!  I’m Brenda Sand, customer care supervisor at DRN.  As…


It’s Time to Buy a New Laptop

Click…pause…wait…click…click click click click CLICK!  Sound familiar?  For a small businesses, PCs and laptops are some of their most important tools.  If your tools aren’t functioning correctly it can lead to lost productivity.  A typical laptop should last three to five years before .  This is dependent on the quality of laptop that was originally purchased, what it ge…


STEM Education and why it’s important to ReadiTech

What is the next big thing in education? Could it possibly be STEM education? I think so.

STEM is a program that blends four subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – into a seamless program that helps prepare students to be competitive in a growing, global workforce.

DRN ReadiTech is dedicated to bringing excitement and increased knowledge to area students in the areas of…


Daily Fiber with DRN!

The USDA recommends total daily fiber intake of 14 grams of fiber per 1,000 kcal of food consumption.  In simpler terms, that means an adult woman (between the ages of 19-50) should consume 25 grams per day while the average man (between the ages of 19-50) should consume 38 grams per day.  Fact is the average adult consumes only about 50% of the recommended daily fiber!

Fiber here at DRN ta…


Artificial Intelligence

“Terminator”, “the Matrix”, “iRobot”. These are 3 of my top 10 favorite movies and the common link between all of them is Artificial Intelligence. I have had an interest in Artificial Intelligence for as long as I can remember.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has existed in Hollywood for decades, but it is shocking how advanced it is becoming in the real world.

We have all asked Google for direc…


Signs of Summer

Spring has sprung, but at DRN signs of summer are surfacing as we wrap up the interview process and make offers for our summer internships.  In 2001, DRN created a summer internship program in our marketing department.  Fast forward seventeen years, our summer internship program is going strong and has grown into other areas of the business including operations, IT, and accounting.

The benefits…



If you have been called by a phone number that you recognize or the caller ID displays a friend or neighbors name or even your own phone number however, the person talking on the other end is in fact no one you know, that phone number and caller ID information has likely been spoofed.

"Spoofing" occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to…


Why Everyone Should have a Firewall

The Internet can be a scary place.  You have probably heard the news about all the data that has been compromised from Facebook user accounts.  Even if you don’t use Facebook or social media of any kind you should still have a firewall.  It is important to know what the firewall can do and what it will not do. It is imperative to change the default password that the firewall has when it comes out…